Being a parent is stressful.

So is crypto.

From market meltdowns to toy aisle meltdowns, Crypto Parents must survive. They know crypto is the future. That’s why the kids’ college fund is securely diversified among 6 different dog coins. In a world where jpegs are worth more than the minivan – Crypto Parents are on their way to the moon with snacks!


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Stressed Out Crypto Dads
Stressed Out Crypto Dads


These dads may look like they’re just carrying a diaper bag and a lawn chair to the tee ball game, but their crypto bags weigh more than your dumbbell set. Each Stressed Out Crypto Dad has been generated from over 200 authentic fatherly attributes. Some Crypto Dads are extremely rare, but every dad in this collection is undeniably fun and verifiably unique.

Crypto moms know pain. They’ve birthed entire humans and watched big red candles destroy their dreams. You think they’re afraid of the terrible twos? No way. They’ve seen 300 gwei gas fees.

Everybody needs a Crypto Mom. Especially a Crypto Dad. 

What happens when two Stressed Out Parents hang out in the same wallet?

Stressed Out Crypto Family


For each Mom/Dad pair in your wallet, you’ll receive a Crypto Kid with a combination of your parents traits airdrop for free. And based on your parents combined stress level, you might be lucky enough to have twins or triplets.


After you come back from your parental leave, we recommend you HODL your family for the Phase 4 Family Portrait. Awkward doesn’t begin to describe this mathematically generated airdrop. We’ll have more info on this phase soon!


To ensure our success, we’ve broken the Crypto Parents project down into 4 initial phases.  We have even bigger plans for growing this family of NFTs. Subscribe to get notified about upcoming release dates and our giveaways.

Stressed Out Crypto Parents Roadmap



The artwork is created by artist/author Jonathan Vreeland. You can check out his single panel comic series

Crypto Parents NFT are too stressed out to manage an unfair distribution and pricing. Here’s our promise:

  • No allow list or complex preferred presale event.
  • There is no hype reveal or pre-minting process.

Own an NFT in all it’s stressed out glory. With 4K resolution, you’ll see every detail on any device.  Use your NFT as you see fit, you own all the rights!

Stressed Out Boost

Each Crypto Dad consists of 10 total traits.  All Crypto Dads are inherently stressed out, but some combinations of traits can boost their stress even more!  You can see a break down of all the stress levels assigned to each attribute and along with the trait rarity.

Buy a Limited Edition (First 80 Dads) Founding Father and get additional perks.  


Stressed Out Crypto Dads - Founding Father
Stressed Out Crypto Dads - Founding Father


The Mighty Mints team is not only stressed out, we have deep roots in art, design, and tech. We’re building innovative tools to take our NFT projects to the next level. We know we are only scratching the surface of what NFTs can do. That’s why we’re all in. Our long-term vision is to release these tools into the wild to help artists flex their creative muscles. In addition, we want to explore ways these tools can also benefit our community of NFT owners. We hope you can join our family and be part of shaping this exciting future of Mighty Mints!

Here’s a quick look at what we are already building.

Jonathan Vreeland

Stress Level – 90%

Josh Anderson

Stress Level – 92%

Jonathan Alexander

Stress Level – 87%


How many Crypto Dads and Moms will there be?
  • 4,000 Total Crypto Dads
    • 3,700 Public Sale
    • 300 Reserved for Team/Advisors/Giveaways
  • 4,000 Total Crypto Moms
    • TBD 
How are the Kids Distributed?

For each unique Mom/Dad pair in your wallet, the owner will receive one kid with a chance to win more based on combined stress levels of both parents.

Join our discord for more details.

How does the Stress Boost impact the Kid generation?

Each unique Mom and Dad pair will  generate one kid.  The Stress Boost gives you a chance to generate multiple kids.  The higher the Stressed Out Boost, the better your odds will be.  We will post more details on how the Stress Boost and odds.

Can I create a Kid with out a Mom/Dad pair?

No.  You must hold a Mom and Dad in the same wallet to be eligible for a Kid.  The smart contract will only mint a Kid based on the combined traits of a Mom and Dad.

What intellectual property rights do Crypto Parents holders receive?

Owners of Crypto Parents, Kids, Family Portraits have full commercial art rights.

What are the funds being used for?

All proceeds will go directly to Mighty Mints, LLC for the purpose to expand our team, projects and bring more value to NFTs owners and our community.

What are royalties and how will they be used?

Mighty Mints will receive 7.5% of all secondary sales. These proceeds will be used to continue to hire more employees, fund operations and deliver even more value to our community.

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Stressed Out Crypto Parents go all-out for their kids and all-in on crypto.